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At Flutterby Occasions, we vow: your wedding will only be as beautiful as the love you have for each other.

Not too long ago when my husband and I said “I do”, we had very little money for our wedding as we had plans for purchasing a home, for a long time! Every time we started planning, something would come up and we would be forced to stop any wedding thoughts.
We set out with a small budget that kept shrinking every day and a big dream the kept growing. Many times we were so discouraged that we wanted to just have a private legal wedding to “get it over with”.

By using Flutterby Occasions, you can be sure that your wedding continues to get planned and prepared, no matter what emergencies may happen in your personal life.

At Flutterby Occasions, we vow: you will not lose your cool like we are all prone to do.

We were young and knew we could count on our dependable family and friends.
However, even the best family and friends are often faced with unforeseeable circumstances on a loved ones wedding day. In such a case, they can attempt to solve the problems they face alone, possibly causing an outcome that is unsatisfactory. They could also leave the decision up to you, in turn taking away precious time from your special day.

By using Flutterby Occasions, you can focus on the celebration of your love and still be sure everything goes according to your plans.

At Flutterby Occasions, we vow: no budget is too small and no dream is in essence too big.


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